The Monarch Teak Gazebo Kit.


                                 The 10' Monarch Teak/Tigerwood.


The 10' monarch style Gazebo kit with the composition style roof and white railing using the Teak exotic hand rail system provides a wonderful contrast on a low maintenance no maintenance type gazebo.

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           Teak Handrail and Decking                    Tigerwood        Monarch side construction.

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   Our low maintenance gazebo is manufactured with Monarch's  co- extrude/composite Exotics decking and railing  system.

     We use the chameleon rail system using white balusters and a top handrail that matches the decking.

                                                       What the Composite Kit consists of :

                                                      7-fully assembled sides 

                                                      8-white post sleeves with a solid Doug fir 4x4  

                                                      4-pie shaped roof framework 

                                                      8-3/4"AC Plywood cut to fit 

                                                      Felt, Flashing and Composition shingles, Ridge caps. .                                                                                             

                                                       All hardware and instructions.

                                                       The Deck is built into 4 qtr panels.

    This Gazebo can be ordered with or without the deck, It is normally installed on concrete deck blocks using a pt 4x4 to level ...( this is the customers responsibility to purchase at their local building store ). Our instructions do show you how to use them and where to place them. 

There is some assembling on site however everything is pre-cut to fit, and pre drilling is a must. This project will take approximately 8-10 hours to complete.

The roof is constructed using 2x6 western red cedar and sealed with a 15yr solid stain to match the Exotics color palette. We use a 30 year architectural composition shingle and the high - rise ridge caps. The composite material used to manufacture this product is the result of advanced composite technology that delivers the look, feel and workability of wood, without the maintenance headaches. . Exotic's decking meets ADA standards for slip resistance.


All composite gazebos are made with available composite products as of 2022.  This monarch composite is no longer available.

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